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“Recruiting, Training and Positioning Healthcare Workers”

Our Mission

is to secure; at the highest standard of service; our Clients and those that are to become our customers; exceptionally skilled, experienced and committed Nurses and Carers who deliver quality care that enriches every life they encounter.

Our Vision

We, at Sir Henry Recruitment have a very simple vision. We are committed to providing temporary and permanent staffing solutions around the clock that are client-centred without compromising the quality and standard of care we provide. We endeavour to fulfil our Clients’ needs and strive for the best treatment of our Staff and those they care for. Our Clients and Staff are at the centre of everything we do. We are dedicated to enhancing people’s lives and at the same time unleashing our Staff’s potential. We empower and enable overseas Nurses to migrate to the United Kingdom to join our workforce because we know too well to go far and beyond to deliver something truly exceptional.

Diversity and Inclusion

In this 21st century, diversity and inclusion matters to us. At Sir Henry Recruitment we are committed to diversity and its importance in our organisation is rooted in its foundation. We are a community of individuals who represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds, perspectives and cultures with a common guiding principle of enriching lives. We recognise, respect and celebrate these differences not as points of division, but rather as the source of energy for what we do. We recognise that diversity and inclusion is paramount to the realisation of our full human potential collectively. We will be steadfast in our promotion of diversity with the understanding that our level of excellence and success is directly tied to our ability to acknowledge, understand and celebrate diversity of culture and thought. Diversity and inclusion is central to our company culture in sourcing and retaining diverse talent to successfully deliver the quality of care and service that is at the core of our company’s mission and purpose.